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Will You Be Able to Help Your College-Age Child in a Medical Emergency?

Moms and dads who still think of themselves as protectors and advisers, even after their children become legal adults, often don’t consider the real-world implications of that milestone birthday. They and their young-adult children need to think about the unthinkable in advance. Three forms—HIPAA authorization, medical power of attorney, and durable power of attorney—will help facilitate the involvement of a parent or other trusted adult in a medical emergency.

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Back to College

Heading to College: What to Insure

Heading to College can be an exciting time for young people. It often serves as the first major step on the road to independence. For …

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Long-Term-Care Insurance Isn’t Dead. It’s Now an Estate-Planning Tool

Hybrid policies, aimed at affluent Americans, offer long-term-care benefits along with potential death benefits. Source:   WSJ 6.9.18 Last year, after finishing with college tuition …

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Beware of Ticks

Why This Year’s Tick Season Might Be the Worst in Years and How to Protect Yourself

The Year of the Tick. A tick(ing) time bomb is set to explode this season, in fields, forests and yards across the country, as we …

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prepare your boat for a hurricane

10 Ways to Prepare Your Boat for a Hurricane

  Source: Chubb Insurance – Prepare Your Boat for a Hurricane Last year’s Atlantic hurricane season was the busiest in the U.S. since 2005, and …

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#metoo Blog Post

Reflecting On Exposure And Coverage In The #METOO Era

As the press continues to extensively cover allegations of sexual misconduct by individuals in a position of authority or influence, the matter of workplace harassment is front and center at water coolers and dinner tables across the country.

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Spring Forward

Are You Ready for Spring? Daylight Savings Safety Checklist

Daylight saving time begins Sunday, March 11, 2018.

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How employers can best engage millennials in benefits

No, millennials aren’t some strange new alien people in the workforce — but our needs are different than older generations. It benefits employers to understand how history has shaped who we are to make better decisions about recruiting and retaining talent.

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5 things drivers need to know before working for a ridesharing service

You have a nice car and could use extra cash. You sign up to be a driver, install the app and soon you are driving people around and making money. Is it too good to be true?

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Personal Lines trusts-llc

When Trusts and LLCs Hold Assets: The Hidden Risks

For many highly successful individuals and families, placing the ownership of assets such as homes, boats and other property into trusts and limited liability corporations (LLCs) makes a lot of sense. Whether for tax, privacy or other reasons, trusts and LLCs can be useful tools.

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