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Does Your Manufacturer’s Insurance Keep Pace?

Manufacturing Worker

Intensely competitive, increasingly global and rapidly evolving, manufacturing is a dynamic industry.

Manufacturing is an extremely broad category that includes countless potential hazards and exposures in virtually all coverage areas.  Because of this, every individual manufacturer is unique and a specific risk survey of every operation is advisable.

Insurance coverage for manufacturers protects your business against a wide variety of mishaps. It can protect against things such as damage to your property or equipment, injuries or illnesses suffered by customers and employees, and many more situations resulting from your business operations or products that you put into the stream of commerce.

Choosing the right type and level of manufacturing insurance is important to your business’ sustainability, profitability, and well being.  A combination of coverage keeps your business protected from all possible perils. 

Who Needs It?

Any business that produces products or goods needs appropriate insurance protection.  Examples include:

  • Bottling Plants
  • Canning Facilities
  • Clothing & Apparel Manufacturers
  • Computer & Electronics Manufacturers
  • Fabricators
  • Food Mills & Refineries
  • Furniture Manufacturers
  • Meat Packing Plants
  • Mobile Home Manufacturers
  • Plastic Manufacturers
  • Printers
  • Publishers
  • Textile Mills
  • Tool & Die Manufacturers
  • And more…
  • Bottling Plants
  • Canning Facilities
  • Clothing & Apparel Manufacturers
  • Computer & Electronics Manufacturers
  • Fabricators
  • Food Mills & Refineries
  • Furniture Manufacturers
  • Meat Packing Plants
  • Mobile Home Manufacturers
  • Plastic Manufacturers
  • Printers
  • Publishers
  • Textile Mills
  • Tool & Die Manufacturers
  • And more…

What Type of Insurance Do Manufacturing Businesses Need?

Manufacturers need more than one type of insurance policy to properly cover all of their needs; there isn’t just one policy that will get the job done.

You likely have significant capital invested in your business, and you must protect it with the right level and type of insurance.  You must also protect your workers and the production capabilities of your business.  There are generally three primary components that make up the basis for suitable manufacturing insurance policies for manufacturers.  These include:

Commercial General and Products liability.  Pays for the legal costs and potentially settlements to protect you when a third party alleges they were injured on your property or that a product you make or put into the stream of commerce injures someone or makes them ill.

Worker’s compensation.  Employers are required by state statute to provide coverage for on-the-job injuries sustained by their employees through either a workers compensation policy or a state-approved self-insurance plan.  If the manufacturer uses independent contractors at off-site locations, they must verify that they actually qualify as subcontractors before an accident occurs; otherwise, the injured party could be treated as an employee.

Commercial auto.  The commercial automobile exposures of manufacturers can vary tremendously.  All businesses have some auto exposure (think about driving to the bank or the post office to handle company business even in a personal auto) while others may have a salespersons’ fleet and in other cases, a manufacturer may use a fleet of owned commercial trucks to deliver its finished products.

There are always other insurance policies and coverages to be considered given your unique situation, and should be reviewed and considered with an insurance professional knowledgeable in your business.

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How We Help

Property & Business Income Insurance

Protect for your company’s assets & balance sheet. Business income insurance can help cover the loss of revenues that you sustain due to a covered property loss, and can even help provide coverage for extra expenses that you incur in order to get your organization back up and running.

Directors & Officers (D&O) Insurance

Allow your Directors & Officers to make decisions with confidence. D&O insurance coverage helps to protect your company’s bottom line and your directors’ & officers’ assets, individually, from claims that may allege mismanagement of the organization resulting in financial consequences.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

With the type of legal employee protections in place, Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI), is essential for any organization. EPLI responds to protect an organization from claims alleging wrongful termination, sexual or workplace harassment, discrimination, failure to employ or promote, etc.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Ensure that your employees have medical care and income continuation benefits in the event of an injury while on the job. An employer’s liability portion of a workers compensation policy can also protect your business from lawsuits for aspects of work-related injuries that may fall outside the scope of the workers compensation statutes.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you or your staff members use a vehicle for commercial purposes, a standard personal auto policy typically will not extend to cover business-related use of that vehicle. Get protected with a commercial automobile policy.

General Liability Insurance

Building a company takes hard work. Protecting your business and assets from loss is undoubtedly one of your highest priorities, particularly with regard to liability risks, which can be some of the most expensive business claims.

Excess “Umbrella” Liability Insurance

What would happen to your business if something unthinkable happened and the loss exceeded your existing policy? Excess liability insurance is extra protection against catastrophic events that could potentially have a serious impact on your business financials.

Fiduciary Liability 

If you have people managing your 401k, defined contribution plan, or other Employee Benefit Plans, Fiduciary Liability is a must. Managers who oversee your Employee Benefit Plans have fiduciary duties to the plan participants, and can be held personally liable for errors in the administration of these plans.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber liability is a fast emerging area, but the coverage and policy forms are completely non-standardized. Unless your broker understands your unique exposures as compared with the policy coverages, you could be buying a lot of empty promises – and not receiving the coverage you need in the event of a claim.

Errors & Omissions

Protect your business from claims of negligence, misrepresentation, violation of good faith and fair dealing, inaccurate advice, libel and slander. From defense attorney fees to administrative and court costs and settlements, E&O insurance can help cover you.

Contractor & Construction General Liability Insurance

Whether you are a general contractor, plumber, electrician, or any other type of construction industry contractor, it is your responsibility to manage the financial safety of your business and the physical well-being of your employees. Get the best coverage at the best price to protect your company.

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