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Employers’ 2021 Insurance Costs: Will COVID Cause Major Rate Increases?

2020 has been a year of major change in the insurance market. With the addition of coronavirus-related effects on carrier loss ratios and investment portfolios, …

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Updated Department of Labor Model COBRA Notices

The DOL has updated these model notices to ensure that qualified beneficiaries have a better understanding of the interactions between Medicare and COBRA.

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How employers can best engage millennials in benefits

No, millennials aren’t some strange new alien people in the workforce — but our needs are different than older generations. It benefits employers to understand how history has shaped who we are to make better decisions about recruiting and retaining talent.

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Do you know you can use a private insurance plan for NJ Temporary Disability Benefits (TDB)?

If your company has employees, you probably know you are required by law to provide disability benefits if your employees can’t work due to illness or an injury that happens off the job.

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OSHA’s final rule to ‘nudge’ employers to prevent workplace injuries, illnesses

Earlier this month, OSHA issued a final rule to modernize injury data collection to better inform workers, employers, the public, and OSHA about workplace hazards. The new federal requirements will take effect on August 10, 2016.

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Employee Benefits – Compliance and Creative Solutions

Meeker Sharkey & Hurley is featured in this month’s ‘Rough Notes’ Insurance Magazine. “At some point, we’re going to be down to the big three health insurance carriers, so the broker’s value proposition has changed from getting the lowest quote to really helping employers strategize about their benefits” – Tom Sharkey Jr., President

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