Insurance Broker vs. Agent

What’s the Difference Between an Insurance Broker and Agent?

The difference between an insurance agent and broker is who they represent. Agents represent insurers, while brokers represent clients.

What is an Insurance Agent?

An agent is an employee that represents the insurer. If you buy directly from an insurance provider, you would be dealing with one or multiple agents. The larger the company, the more impersonal the service may be. Because agents serve one company, all of their offered solutions and policies will be from that company, and there is little-to-no room for negotiation.

What is an Insurance Broker

An insurance broker is an independent agency that represents the customer. Instead of selling policies from one company, an insurance broker can shop the market, compare plans and receive different price quotes that get passed on to the client. A broker also has a fiduciary duty to select products that protect the financial interests of their client.

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