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Employer Overview of the COVID-19 Vaccines

This article provides an overview of the COVID-19 vaccines and answers some common questions relevant to employers.  Information comes primarily from the Centers for Disease …

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Consumer Driven Health Plans and the Current State of Consumerism

Employee behavior and lifestyle are significant factors in health status – often trumping genetics, the environment or access to care – and can have a …

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Are Captive Insurers Right for You?

Captive insurance companies, which are established to finance the risk of a parent group or groups and sometimes these groups’ customers, can provide advantages in …

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Alternate Funding: Captives

A captive can offer significant savings and become a substantial long-term investment.  By creating and owning its own captive insurance company, an employer is able …

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Health Savings Account (HSA) Contribution Rules

Many employers offer high deductible health plans (HDHPs) to control premium costs and then pair this coverage with health savings accounts (HSAs) to help employees …

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Webinar: What to Expect on Your 2021 Renewal

Navigating a Turbulent Insurance Market in 2021   2020 has been a year of major change in the insurance market. Even before the onset of …

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Employers’ 2021 Insurance Costs: Will COVID Cause Major Rate Increases?

2020 has been a year of major change in the insurance market. With the addition of coronavirus-related effects on carrier loss ratios and investment portfolios, …

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Insurance Business America Names Meeker Sharkey & Hurley a Top Place to Work

As part of a 2020 Special Report, Insurance Business America reached out to thousands of insurance professionals across the country to evaluate how employers are …

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Eight Questions You Need to Answer About Nonprofit Insurance Coverage…

Answers to 8 Questions: 1. What are the unique coverages that nonprofits need? The majority of the insurance programs for nonprofits are pretty standard. One …

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Updated Department of Labor Model COBRA Notices

The DOL has updated these model notices to ensure that qualified beneficiaries have a better understanding of the interactions between Medicare and COBRA.

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Business Interruption Policies and Coronavirus

Business Interruption Policies and Coronavirus

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak evolves, businesses face growing uncertainty as to how this pandemic will affect their operations long term. This is especially true …

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CGL Coverage and Covid-19

There has already been a lot of discussion of potential coverage for the losses associated with the coronavirus outbreak. Much of it has focused on first-party policies, especially Business Interruption. But what about CGL? Is there coverage for claims that seek to hold people responsible for causing others to contract coronavirus?

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