Company Core Values

Meeker Sharkey & Hurley is an independently owned insurance brokerage that exists to help successful families and businesses in the Tri-state area protect their assets and income through improved insurance and risk management products and strategies. We seek relationship-oriented clients with complex insurance needs who value quality products and service.  

Our company culture is defined by our five Core Values:

Client Advocacy

At Meeker Sharkey, Client Advocacy means diligently representing the client’s interests in the insurance buying marketplace and at the time of a claim. We bargain hard to get our clients coverage broadening endorsements and pricing enhancements like rate guarantees and dividend agreements. We seek creative ways to structure insurance programs including captive arrangements and self-insurance to benefit our clients. We proactively shop the marketplace on a proscribed basis to deliver the best pricing available in the market. Likewise, at claim time, we are passionate advocates for the client’s point of view and we aggressively seek to get the client a fair and timely settlement from the insurance carrier. 


Professionalism refers to how we conduct ourselves in our relationships with our clients, carriers and workplace associates. We expect everyone on our team to be respectful, trustworthy and dependable. We also expect our associates to be continuing their professional education and to be current in their area of specialty. We trust our associates and make flexible work arrangements available when feasible and in turn, we rely on them to meet or exceed client expectations on a timely basis. Our pristine reputation in the insurance market has been earned because we are always honest and forthright with our trading partners. We encourage, celebrate and reward team members who earn a professional designation or credential and we provide regular in-house training to keep our skills and knowledge current. 


Our vision is to triple the size of the Company within ten years. That is going to take a lot of hard work with everyone “pulling on the oars” as a team. Our growth initiatives will energize us, and we will take pride in seeing our dreams come to fruition. What’s more the growth will create new career opportunities for current associates because new skill sets will be required. We maintain a strong balance sheet which  give us the flexibility to act upon  growth opportunities with  individuals or companies  that want to join forces with us.


Throughout our organization a spirit of caring is pervasive and is demonstrated in many ways. We respect our associates and show them compassion when they are dealing with problems outside of business. We treat them the way we would want to be treated in similar circumstances. We are proud to have been recently named a “Top Insurance Workplace” by Insurance Business America magazine.  We insure many non-profit organizations that support our communities in many different ways and we see it as our obligation to help them, not only through charitable donations,  but also through giving our time and talent as volunteers or as board members of their organizations.  During the Coronavirus crisis, we were able to secure Personal protective equipment for some of our non-profit clients so they could continue to serve their clients. We share a genuine concern for the welfare of our team members and clients that is not found in many organizations. 


A consultant once told us that if you run your company like it is up for sale, you will never have to sell it and you can remain independent.  That means we run a tight ship, execute on business plans, are disciplined in expense control and hold people accountable for results. Independence also means we can do the “right thing” for our clients and we are not constrained by our budget. As prudent business people, we will make investments in people and growth initiatives even it its costs us in the short term. Independence also means we have the freedom to try new things, take risks and think independently – we like it that way!

Why Meeker Sharkey & Hurley?


We’re connected to many leading insurance providers and will find the policies and rates that work for you, not for them.


If you have a question or need information about your policy, you can ask your account manager, not a call center.


For more than 150 years, our experienced team has mastered the ins and outs of the insurance industry and market.


We’ll stay abreast of market changes and new risks to help you navigate them with ease.


We get to know your goals as if they were our own, and we will do everything we can to help you achieve them.


With offices throughout New Jersey, we understand the risks unique to the area and are proud to serve our community.


We’ve helped thousands of clients get the coverage they need to protect their families, assets and businesses. Read what our satisfied customers have to say about our service.

MS&H Gives Back

It’s important to us to give back and support our non-profit clients as they care for the most vulnerable people in our communities. Our entire team shares a commitment to volunteering time and resources to make our New Jersey towns stronger, healthier and more vibrant.

A Great Place to Work

Want to join our team? We’re looking for qualified, dynamic, innovative candidates looking for new career opportunities.